We have strategic ambitions with the aim of broadening the firm’s product base to enable Bmar to continue maintaining high quality underwriting support to brokers and clients

Further expansion is planned over the next year and we are also seeing interest in our product set and capabilities from across Europe.

We have been able to secure first rate capacity underwritten on behalf of leading Lloyd’s syndicates which enhances a very powerful position and one that continues sends a clear message that we are fully committed to our brokers, individuals, directors , yacht owners and operators of small vessels in Europe,  the United Kingdom and beyond.

We tailor our approach to match our clients’ needs and pride ourselves on offering the same high level of service regardless of the size of client and we give clients insurance cover that is specific to their needs, cost effective and most importantly, we offer the widest cover available.

Our Core


 Anne-Marie Bouweraerts
Anne-Marie Bouweraerts

Director Underwriter , President of Nautibel

Bob Watts
Bob Watts

Development executive


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