Mifid pre-contractual information

B-Mar with its registered office at 2970 Schilde, Schoolstraat 20 B5, Register of Legal Entities no 0864.996.708, is registered as an insurance broker in the register of insurance intermediaries of the Financial Services and Markets Authority under number 62591A. 

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) is responsible for supervising the financial markets and listed companies, accrediting and supervising certain categories of financial institutions, ensuring compliance with codes of conducts by financial intermediaries and marketing investment products to the public as well as exercising what is known as ‘social control’ over supplementary pensions. The registered office of the FSMA is at 1000 Brussels, Congresstraat 12-14. 

The FSMA’s register of intermediaries can be viewed online at  www.fsma.be. 

You can contact us through using Dutch, French or English language  

by letter: our address is: Schoolstraat 20 B5 – 2970 Schilde , Belgium 

by email: our general email address is info@bmar.be



FSMA : 62591A
RPR : 0864.996.708


Bob Watts : Mob: +44 7939229625
E-mail : support@bmar.be
Anne-Marie Bouweraerts : Mob:  + 32475247365
E-mail :  anne-marie@bmar.be
Email : info@bmar.be
Website : www.bmar.be
Address : Schoolstraat 20 – B5 – 2970 Schilde – Belgium